Cell Phone Forensics – Using Technology to Catch a Cheater

These days, many cheaters, and otherwise unfaithfully married spouses, take advantage of technology to help them hide their extramarital activity. They use computers and the Internet to start and build extramarital relationships, they use technology to hide their Internet activity, and they even use their cell phones to communicate and further disguise their infidelity. However, using technology to cheat is in some ways a double-edged sword — just as a cheater can use technology to hide their extramarital activities, today’s technologies can be used to uncover a cheater’s activities as well. Cell phone forensics are one of these newer technologies, and here we outline how a cell phone forensics service can help you to catch a cheater.

Cell phones these days, whether they are of the plain-jane variety, Blackberry’s, PDAs, or any other mobile, hand-held device, are becoming more and more like miniature computers with built-in media storage and capturing functionalities. You can access the Internet with them, you can take pictures with them, send and receive email, capture video, send and receive text messages, record audio, store contacts, and more — not bad for a device that generally can fit into the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, placing a cell phone into the hands of an uncommitted partner is like offering them a door to a secretive world that they can take with them wherever they go, and keep in their pocket, out of sight of everybody — even you.

Cell phone forensics services can find data on a cell phone or hand-held mobile device, even if that data has been deleted or removed from it. Mobile phone forensics services can commonly recover:

Deleted pictures – either images taken by the phone itself or that were uploaded or downloaded from the Internet
Deleted SMS and text messages
Deleted contacts / address book and email addresses
Deleted video files
Internet browsing history

It’s unfortunate, but there are many people who are savvy enough to use technology to help them commit their extramarital activities — maybe your spouse or partner is one of them. Though, just because they are good at hiding things from you, that does not mean that their activities are completely hidden — you just need to use today’s technologies to catch those who use technology to further their illicit activities.

Your spouse or partner may be smart, but if they’re cheating, there is a good chance that they’ve left traces of their activities on their cell phone. If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, cell phone forensics services may give you the proof you need to put your nagging suspicious to rest once and for all.