Computer Forensics – The Most Successful Method of Detecting Illegal Activities in Corporations

With the current technology advancement, more and more companies’ data and information are stored and transferred online. These have caused the business systems to become constant targets for online fraudsters. Consequently, all these fraudulent activities have caused huge losses to the companies as well as the society. In order to find out the culprits, here comes the computer forensics.

At present, computer forensics is internationally recognized as the most successful method of detecting improper activities at corporations. Frauds are taken place through the use of technology. As a result, this unique technology is required to uncover all the illegal facts and the cyber criminals are brought for legal proceedings.

In order to detect illegal activities, the computer forensics analysts use the sophisticated tools and fully equipped laboratories to conduct thorough and accurate investigations. The whole process involves identifying, gathering, analyzing and maintaining huge amount of data. Through computer forensics, it is really nowhere for anyone to hide the data and evidence. No matter what attempt they use, all the proofs of cyber crimes can be revealed.

Let’s see how powerful computer forensic is. All the incoming and outgoing emails can be traced, gathered and analyzed. Those documents that may be hidden or deleted can be detected, reopened and accessed. Those files which are protected by strong passwords can be encrypted. All files that are generated from the operating system can be analyzed. Even the online banking transactions can be tracked easily. Besides, the “electronic” investigation is not only limited to network computers in the workplace, it covers offsite computer files, servers and even Blackberry.

With computer forensics – online fraudsters have no way to cover up!