Motivations to Be a Forensic Accountant

Forensic accounting is getting “hot”. As I Googled “forensic accounting”, it came out 959 hits! Thanks to the high profile white collar scandals, all of that bad news is good news to the forensic accountant. So, let’s look at what are the Top 5 motivations to be a forensic accountant.

1. If you feel accounting is all about numbers crunching, you will be surprised with the level of excitement that forensic accounting can bring to you. Forensic accountants also known as financial detectives, are a career full of challenges and creativity. The discovery might create headlines; hence it is definitely not for the “ill fainted” ones.

2. Forensic accountants perform their works with the help of sophisticated technology. Hence, you will be exposed to wide range of new and latest technology and modern equipment and software. Best of all, you will be one of the first to try out.

3. Numbers don’t lie, but liars do. As the financial scandals are on the rising side, the economy needs you more than ever. Organisations engaged you in as “saviour” and “hero” to assist them in revealing the truth.

4. As this industry is still relatively new and where the demand is more than supply, it is the best time to be involved in this field as good offers are everywhere.

5. Perhaps, the best part of being a forensic accountant is the “decent” pay the industry offers. Research had shown that as beginners, you can earn up to five figures and moving up with your experiences, you can demand up to six figures salaries!

So are you motivated to become a forensic accountant now? Good Luck!